Why Orthodontics Anyway?

Many people seek orthodontic treatment to improve their smile. We recognize this as an important request since feeling good about yourself is a basic need. Aligning your teeth into a pleasant smile is something we do well but orthodontic treatment is much more. The health of your teeth in life, which hopefully is very long, also depends on how they function. Just like any other mechanical system, if teeth fit together properly they last longer. We know how to fix bad bites so your teeth have a better chance to last a lifetime. Also teeth that are arranged properly helps maintain the health of your gums and jaw bones. We are friendly to your gums.

What Type of Appliances Do We Offer?

Through my years of experience I have come to synthesize the orthodontic appliances that are most efficient and allow for the highest quality treatment in my hands. We offer metal or clear braces bonded directly to the teeth for any bite or tooth alignment problem. Additionally the scope of Invisalign is constantly expanding to treat more and more dental problems from easy to hard. It is an exciting time for Invisalign.

Retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment. We offer both the wire retainers and the clear retainers to ensure that your beautiful smile lasts a life time.